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Henry Mchedlishvilli

Henry's Wines is the leading importer of Georgian Wines in the UK

“My childhood in Georgia inspired me to sell Georgian Wines”… Henry Mchedlishvili, Founder.

Originally from Georgia, Kakheti, Henry was growing up in wine culture, since his relocation to the UK he discovered how little his new friends from the UK knew about Georgia.

He started his wine importing business ten years ago and became the biggest importer of Georgian Wines UK.

Currently, over 20 local shops in London are selling Georgian Wines. Traditional Qvevri wines are listed in top Michelin restaurants and Henry’s wines- first English Qvevri wines made and fermented using traditional Georgian method- are available in the shops and online 

Henry’s Wines offer an excellent selection of Georgian wines UK from different producers as well as wines from the Plumpton, England made by Henry Mchedlishvili using the traditional Georgian Qvevri winemaking method.


Henry's  Wines was born

“One ordinary day, I got a present from my friend in Georgia. a bottle of beautiful amber Qvevri Georgian wine. That’s when I asked myself- why we can not make the Qvevri wines here in England?”

That’s how the idea and concept of  “Henry’s Marani” were born in 2017.

Since then with the great support of Chris Foss from the Plumpton Agricultural College Wine Department,

Mako Abashidze from the British Georgian Chamber of Commerce the great idea came to life- currently, at the territory of the Plumpton College Wine Department, there is a fully functioning traditional Georgian  Marani  ( winery) with the little Museum of history of the Georgian Winemaking. The total production capacity of the Marani is up to 3,000 bottles. The first harvest from 2017 was an immediate success.

Henry is hosting regular tours and tastings at the Marani.

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