Best Wine with Steak

What is the Best Wine with Steak? Steak is best-quality cuts of meat taken from the Hind legs of the cow used for food.  The team at Henrys wines have got together and selected the best wine with fillet steak and the best wine with ribeye steak. All other cuts of beef for grilling are recommended with these selections such as the best wine sirloin steak.

Best wine with steak are red wines

Question: Should I drink red or white wine with steak?

Answer: The recommendation is red wine for steak.

Our selection of best red wine for steak here is chosen because the natural bitter-tasting organic tannins in red wine soften the fat in the meat to release the flavour of the steak. The fat then pleasantly smooths the flavour harshness of the wine. So what you get is the red wine acidic molecules soften the fat, then the fat in the steak softens the wine.

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