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Kindzmarauli - Georgian semi-sweet red wine produced in Kakheti near the Alazani River. Made with the grape variety Saperavi. It is higher in acidity and the wine colour is light ruby with a strong characteristic bouquet.


Kindzmarauli wine UK is more mineral and higher in acidity. The perfect balance for the traditional semi-sweet wine for the Georgian shop uk.


Wine type: Red Semi-Sweet
Grape Variety: Saperavi
Region: Kindzmarauli PDO
Description: The wine is light ruby color has a strong characteristic bouquet and aroma and a gentle harmonious, velvety taste. In it dominates flavor of plum and sweet grape juice. It tastes sweet and well-balanced.King Erekle Georgian terroir Royal wine was created in honor of Erekle II, the King of Kakheti and the whole Eastern Georgia.
Taste with: Chocolate, ripe strawberry, cakes and red fruits.
Alcohol: 12-13%

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    kindzmarauli marani is where wines are produced in Georgia. Finding the right one is not always dependant on the kindzmarauli wine price. Some makers produce the kindzmarauli wine ceramic bottle that use to tranport the wine from the vinyard to the palace table. Georgian semi-sweet red kindzmarauli stalin was his favourite wine. We reveal that now you can serch for your favourite Georgian wine
    kindzmarauli wine near me. kindzmarauli teliani valley appelation controlled red naturaly semi-sweet. Kindzmarauli wine price in india, where it is imported from Georgia and is that of kindzmarauli 2017.

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