Saperavi red wine is a dry red wine produced in Kakheti near the Alazani River. Mukuzan (red) wine UK is made from the saperavi grape. The perfect balance for the traditional dry Georgian wine.


Wine type: Red Dry
Grape Variety: Saperavi
Region: Kakheti
Description: Wine is dark ruby colour. It carries tones of wild berries and blackcurrant with smokey overtones. The wine is full bodied and has long finish.
Taste with: meat dishes, barbecue, steak and a variety of cheese.
Alcohol: 12-13%

  • Saperavi Georgian Wine UK

    Saperavi qvevri - This wine has been made in the winemaking art of "Qvevri": a traditional Georgian practice consisting of fermenting the grape juice in an egg-shaped terracotta. Saperavi wine folly is an acidic,teinturier-type grape variety native to Georgia (country). Saperavi red dry wine price: This is one of the least expensive wines. Saperavi food pairing: Gozitanravjul, which is a cheese stuffed pasta, or a simple hand tossed pizza, served with a dessert or a salad will make up the best of Saperavi supper. Saperavi pronunciation: sah-per-AHV-ee. History of saperavi: Where wine grapes usually produce a white pulp, the Saperavi stains your hands red. Named after the village Ateni, west of the capital Tbilisi, the Atenis Saperavi grape was almost lost in history after Georgia became part of the Soviet Union in 1921
    guardians saperavi: A young juicy style of Saperavi full of life and fruit. Deep red colored with aromas and flavors of fresh red and black fruit and hints of spice. Saperavi suliko: Find who stocks this wine, and at what price.


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