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Very deep reddish brown color. Aromas of maple nut fudge, salted caramel, and mocha with a silky, fruity medium body and a long, smooth chocolate covered fruit, nut, lacquered wood, and delicate baking spice finish. Solid flavor with a sophisticated balance.


  • Sarajishvili XO


    Sarajishvili XO is made according to classical technology from fifteen different wine brandy spirits reserved at the unique collection of David Sarajishvili’s spirit reserve. The average age of spirits is 14-18 years, but its composition is also enriched with spirits aged up to 30 years . It has beautiful shiny golden color, pleasant tones of oak, vanilla and chocolate,  soft and velvet taste. Read more about this Georgian Brandy from the Sarajishvili company

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    Read more on Georgian Sarajishvili Brandy from the owner on Youtube


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